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Are you gifting to your children? Settling a legal dispute? Going through a divorce? Whatever the reason, our valuation practice, Vrakas Business Valuations, Inc., a related corporation to Vrakas S.C., has a wealth of training and experience to prepare and provide an independent and objective analysis of the value of your business.

There are three common scopes of valuation services to serve your business valuation needs. These include a formal valuation engagement, a calculation engagement, and valuation consulting services.

Our firm has developed expertise in business valuations and has prepared business valuations for gift and estate planning, mergers & acquisitions, divorces, shareholder disputes, shareholder planning, litigation support, and more. Our experience not only covers a wide array of valuation needs but also covers a wide range of industries.

Our business valuation practice leaders have obtained one or more business valuation credentials from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ABV) and/or the American Society of Appraisers (AM/ASA).

The CVA, ABV and AM/ASA are elite accreditations for CPAs who, through extensive valuation training and continuing education, have the necessary background for providing business valuation services.

What do you need a valuation for? 

Valuing a business is a complicated matter, and our professionals have developed the special expertise required to provide you with a supportable valuation. Everyone’s needs are different, so let us help you evaluate your unique situation and determine the level of service most appropriate for your particular need.

Divorce Proceedings/Settlement Options
In a divorce situation the business is often the most valuable asset in the marital estate. Whether you are the “in” spouse involved in the business or the “out” spouse, a valuation is an integral part of the divorce proceedings to ensure an equitable division of assets.
Estate and Succession Planning/Family Limited Partnerships
Knowledge of the value of a business is crucial to effective estate/succession planning. Proper planning ensures the future distribution of the business assets has minimal tax consequences and prevents a liquidation of the company. Additionally, a supportable valuation is essential in establishing value for estate or gift tax purposes.
Buy/Sell Agreements
Proper planning and proper installation of a buy/sell agreement is essential for the future well-being of your business and your family. Our valuation team can work with you and your attorney to develop appropriate values and/or provisions for use in your buy/sell agreement.
Shareholder/Partner Disputes
In contentious situations, it can be beneficial to have a neutral third party help you determine the value of the business. A valuation team with solid valuation expertise can help assure you that the dispute is being settled fairly.
Litigation Support/Dispute Resolution
A properly prepared business valuation can prove extremely helpful in legal disputes, including the following situations:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Shareholder/partner disputes
  • Economic damages/lost profits
  • Liquidations
ESOP Transactions
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) continue to be an alternative to selling a company to an outside party. An added benefit is the tax advantage to the current owners. However, if a company’s stock is not publicly traded the Department of Labor requires annual valuations to support the stock transactions that occur during the year.
Shareholder and Business Planning
When it comes to corporate planning, it is imperative for business owners to know the company’s value. This is especially important in the following situations:

  • Establishing value for purchases and sales of stock
  • Preventing shareholder disputes
  • Determining appropriate levels of life insurance
  • Corporate Reorganizations
Sale of a Business
Whether a business is to be sold to a relative, employee or an outside party, a range of value should be established to determine a fair selling price, as well as to take advantage of tax-free transactions.
Purchasing a Business
Are you looking to purchase a business? A valuation is crucial to determining the businesses value and identifying items that will affect its future earning potential.
Intangible Asset Allocation/Impairment Testing
Our valuation experts can perform an assessment of the value that could be allocated to specified intangible assets. In addition, we can determine the value of existing intangible assets and perform an analysis of impairment for these assets.
Appraisal Review
The professionals at Vrakas are available to review and critique valuation reports in order to identify issues, strengths/weaknesses, compliance with professional standards and to consult with you on how best to proceed. With our depth and breadth of experience we are able to get to the heart of issues quickly and provide appropriate feedback for you to move forward.

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