Valuation Levels of Service


There are three levels of valuation services to serve your business valuation needs. They are a formal valuation engagement, a calculation engagement or valuation consulting services. The nature of these three levels of service are described below.

Valuation Engagement (Conclusion of Value)

To provide a valuation engagement, we are required by our professional standards to perform a detailed analysis and study of the company, its industry and the markets it operates in.

To enable us to issue a conclusion of value, we will analyze financial statements, financial information, and other data obtained from management, visit the company, interview management, research the company’s industry, customers, and competitors, search for guideline companies, and perform other procedures necessary and appropriate to render a conclusion of the fair market value of the company. We generally prepare a written valuation report based on our analysis.

Calculation Engagement (Estimate of Value)

While similar valuation procedures and models are considered, this type of engagement is generally less exhaustive than the procedures necessary to perform a valuation engagement. Depending on the circumstances and your needs, certain low-value procedures and analyses can be reduced or eliminated, thus giving you a strong sense of value without the formality and thoroughness of a formal valuation engagement. If necessary, this level of service can be upgraded to a valuation engagement at a later date.

The extent of procedures to be performed will be dependent upon your requirements. Also, under your direction, a written report may or may not be prepared.

Valuation Consulting Services

We are also available to consult on a variety of issues, including:

  • Critique of existing valuation reports
  • Evaluating whether it is cost-beneficial to have a valuation performed
  • Identification of key valuation issues
  • Discussion of treatment of complex or sensitive valuation issues
  • Trial strategy
  • Preparation of trial exhibits
  • Preparation of direct and cross-examination questions
  • Settlement discussions
  • Sources of income available for support analysis
  • Tracing engagements



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