The Vrakas Vision

Vrakas CPAs + Advisors was established in 1971 to better serve privately-held businesses and their
owners. Our significant growth is a result of the dedication and commitment of the Vrakas team, and the
recognition that those companies that thrive are those that place both its people and its clients first. Through our people and our clients, our One Vrakas vision is as follows:

  • We are a fiercely independent firm and proud of our brand and position in the marketplace.
  • We are a firm that recognizes the importance of the one firm concept, and its contribution to our
    success. Every decision is made with the best interests of Vrakas in mind.
  • All Vrakas team members understand the Vrakas vision and know they are an integral part of achieving that vision.
  • We are a firm that owns a vibrant culture and lives by its solid values every day. We are known as an “employer of choice” in the business community and among universities.
  • We are a firm that hires highly talented and motivated individuals who are passionate about building a career and participating in the growth of a progressive and successful company.
  • We are a firm that brings thoughtful, innovative, value-added solutions to our clients, and we know we are an integral part of their success.
  • We have established a spectacular reputation within the professional services sector, not only in our chosen markets, but also with our competitors, employees, clients, prospects, and referral sources.
  • We are a firm that believes in giving back to our community, and our profession.
  • We are a firm where communications are open, and we are constantly enhancing those
    communications with our Vrakas team and clients.
  • We are considered the best alternative to the large super-regional, national, and international firms
    by our clients and employees.
  • We invest in enhanced technology, office space, and workstation resources throughout our firm,
    which enables us to provide our clients the highest degree of service by promoting teamwork,
    increasing our ability to communicate effectively, and ensuring our employees have an effective,
    comfortable, and dynamic work environment.
  • We are a firm that can serve clients anywhere in the world through our membership in the BDO
    Alliance, is one of the industry’s largest and most recognized associations.


Experience the Vrakas Difference… Accounting with a Personality.

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