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Vrakas Summer Outing

Vrakas Summer Outing

Every summer Vrakas plans a golf outing for its employees. This year, however, the weather didn’t cooperate, so the outing was moved indoors and bowling replaced golf.

Plan B was a huge success. Teams competed against each other throughout the course of the afternoon. Prizes were awarded for highest and lowest score, best individual bowler, most improved bowler, best split pick-up and three consecutive strikes, also known as a turkey. There were also some fun prizes for highest bowling socks, first to rsvp, can’t pick up a strike, and more! Check out our big winners:

  • Highest score game 1 – Jacob Whitlock w/ 186
  • Lowest score game 1 – Sandy Rich w/ 51
  • Highest score game 2 – Tyler Metz w/ 173
  • Lowest score game 2 – Kayla Kakonis w/ 59
  • Highest score game 3 – Holly Breien w/ 157
  • Lowest score game 3 – Christina Gerharz w/ 65

  • Best Individual Bowler – Jacob Whitlock w/ total of 438
  • Biggest Improvement – Holly Breien with a 96 – 147 – 157
  • Best Split Pick-Up – Mike Kuhn
  • Turkey Winner – Holly Breien w/ a Turkey plus 1!

  • Highest Bowling Socks – Jeff Sheahan
  • First to RSVP to event – Shelby Leonard
  • First to buy a drink – Tyler Metz
  • First time bowling in entire life – Mariana Ellingboe
  • Can’t pick up the Strike – Mike Hall w/ 7 spares in one game

The outing’s post reception brought even more people together to enjoy a dinner buffet, cocktails and conversation. This annual outing is such a great opportunity for employees to spend time with one another doing something fun outside of the office.

Regardless of the weather, the event was a huge success and lots of fun was had by all. Until next year…


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