Vrakas Volunteer Day

Each year Vrakas sets time aside for an annual volunteer day. The employees of Vrakas spend an afternoon supporting a local organization in need of assistance.

For 2021, the 14th annual event, Vrakas supported the Children’s Wisconsin Dental Program which is committed to improving oral health. This is important because it can significantly impact a child’s physical and mental well-being and set them up for a healthy and productive adulthood.

Vrakas learned first-hand from Dr. Lori Barbeau that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood, despite the fact that it is largely preventable. In Wisconsin, one in three kids live with untreated tooth decay. And cavities affect more than just a child’s sweet smile. If left untreated, this painful condition can affect a child’s ability to eat, speak, sleep and learn, taking a toll on a child’s self-esteem and desire to socialize.

Vrakas assisted Children’s Wisconsin by packing dental hygiene kits each containing toothpaste, a toothbrush, dental floss, a face mask for child and parent, coloring pages, and an inspirational notecard handwritten by our employees.

Check out the previous organizations the firm has supported: 

  • 2021 – Children’s Wisconsin – Dental Program
  • 2020 – Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha, Kenosha, and National Chapter
  • 2019 – Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha and Kenosha Chapter
  • 2018 – Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha Chapter
  • 2017 – Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha Chapter
  • 2016 – Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha Chapter
  • 2015 – Blessings in a Backpack – Waukesha Chapter
  • 2014 – Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee
  • 2013 – Hope Center
  • 2012 – The Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps (ARCh)
  • 2011 – Waukesha County Park System – Minooka Park
  • 2010 – Hope Center
  • 2009 – The Women’s Center
  • 2008 – The Women’s Center
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