Meet our 2018 Intern Class

Meet our 2018 Intern Class

We are happy to welcome eight interns into our family this tax season!

Our interns join us from three different colleges this year: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Wisconsin Lutheran College.

They kicked off their internship with a full week of training so they’re ready to take on the prime time public accounting industry. Training consisted of learning both the audit side and tax side of the field. At Vrakas, our internship is 50/50 meaning each individual has the opportunity to do both tax work and audit work, unless they specify otherwise.

From left to right:

  • Timothy Barber
  • Jordan Krainer
  • Levi Rote
  • Kennedy McGuigan
  • Nathaniel Henrichs
  • Jarod Strandberg
  • Landon Schramski
  • Noah Ricker (not pictured)

Why is Noah not pictured?

Noah is a returning intern from 2017. He started a couple weeks earlier than the rest of this year’s interns so he could assist the audit team with inventory observations. Fun Fact: Noah is Vrakas’s first ever intern to return for a second year.

Welcome to the family class of 2018!

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