Bringing Fun to Tax Season at Vrakas

Amid the hustle and bustle of tax season, Vrakas CPAs + Advisors has found a unique way to inject some fun into their work environment. For the past three months, the company has been hosting “Silly Saturdays,” a series of themed dress-up days that have their team dressing for success. Along with Silly Saturdays, Vrakas has also hosted multiple National Food Days to keep their team fueled for their busiest time of year.

Silly Saturdays

The idea behind Silly Saturdays is simple yet engaging: each Saturday, employees are encouraged to dress up according to the predetermined schedule.

From tie-dye to dressing up like Adam Sandler, the office comes alive with creativity and humor as the team embraces the theme of the day. These lighthearted Saturdays serve as a break from the intensity of tax season, or as Vrakas CPAs + Advisors call it: Prime Time.

Vrakas Food Series

In addition to Silly Saturdays, Vrakas CPAs + Advisors has been celebrating National Food Days to keep their employees fueled and ready during Prime Time. Throughout the past few months, the company has celebrated national food days such as Chips & Dip Day, Cereal Day, and PB & J Day with other special treats.

The series will finish on April 12th as the firm will celebrate Grilled Cheese Day. This cheesy event will complete the Vrakas Food Series on a savory note and will help the firm cross the finish line on April 15th.

The firm’s commitment to hosting a positive and engaging work environment shines through in its tasty and fun initiatives like its Food Series and Silly Saturdays. By adding a little bit of fun into the workplace culture, the firm not only boosts morale during the busiest time of year but also strengthens the work environment across all offices. As Prime Time ends, the firm is excited to finish on a high note and enjoy its Annual Day-Off on April 16th.

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