328 Days Until Christmas

The best part about the holiday season as an employee? The good ‘ol annual holiday party!

This year the Vrakas family got together on January 5, 2018 and had a Mexican Fiesta at Café Esperanza in downtown Waukesha. The evening consisted of a Mexican buffet, margaritas, a raffle with awesome prizes and great company reflecting on all of our accomplishments and memories from 2017.

If you have not been to Café Esperanza you should consider it! It is an amazing community facility offering food and friendship for all.

So who won big this year at the raffle? 
Taking home the upgraded invention to the “clap on clap off” automatic light switch, Patty Hein, our Office Administrator, was the lucky winner of an Amazon Echo. On the less fancy technology side of the prizes, Wendy Peterson, Senior Accountant, took home a collection of craft beers (pictured below). And if you know Wendy, she is the queen of craft beer, visiting over 75 breweries around the states – so she clearly won an appropriate prize basket!

It seems as though each year these parties get better and better. Stay tuned for what the 2018 party will bring … we’ll update you in 328 days.

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