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The nature and business climate of the auto industry is constantly changing due to increased domestic and foreign competition, e-Commerce and manufacturer intervention in advertising. These forces have made it necessary for dealers to clearly define their vision and future strategic direction.

Considering the challenges your organization is facing, you need business advisors with experience in the dealership industry. Vrakas can assist your organization with all of your professional accounting, tax and consulting needs. Our professionals have a deep knowledge of the auto industry and its day-to-day challenges and stay current on tax and compliance issues.

In addition to traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, our auto dealership specialists provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Analysis of business operations
  • Financial analysis, budgeting, projections and forecasts
  • Management compensation planning
  • Employee incentive plans and benefits
  • Strategic planning
  • Ownership succession and planning issues
  • Cost segregation studies to maximize depreciation
  • LIFO inventory valuation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Tax strategies for the dealership industry
  • Strategic sales and use tax planning
  • Review of internal controls
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