Freelancing? Know the Tax Rules!

Web development and designing, teaching and tutoring, copywriting, blogging, photography, social media manger or influencer… these are just to name a FEW of the freelance jobs out there.

woman working in tropics on beach. Working remotely on the laptop computer through the internet. Working while travelling. Summer vacation in Seychelles.


If freelancing is your line of work, it PAYS to know how the tax code can work for you and your business. Our latest newsletter blog expands more on the topic of the tax rules for freelancers:

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 20% Deduction
  • Hobby vs a Business
  • Exceptions and Limits
  • Taxable Income
  • And More Discussed

If you are working freelance, you should be taking advantage of tax breaks. Don’t make assumptions and connect with on of our tax professionals today. Contact us at 262.797.0400 or (ask to speak to a tax professional regarding freelancing tax rules).

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