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Kristen Baumgartner

Kristen Baumgartner,

Operations Specialist

Kristen joined the VBCC team in 2020, adding her experience with Sage product lines, customer service, software demonstrations, customercentric training development, and project management. As Operations Specialist, Kristen works closely with clients to maintain consistent lines
of communication and information exchange as well as internally streamlining process and supporting the VBCC team. In addition, Kristen helps
maintain vendor relationships to ensure customers have access to the optimal solutions for their Sage Software and leverages her background
in distribution and manufacturing to assist customers with barcode scanning and multi-bin projects for Sage 100.

Kristen is detail-oriented and understands the only way to address any topic is to truly listen, understand the overall need, and create a
systematic plan of attack. Through actively listening and understanding current issues and future goals, she creates the best scalable process to
meet both client and internal company expectations.

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