Five Home Fitness Programs for a Busy Lifestyle

A busy schedule can keep you from getting to the gym and, as a result, can cause your physical fitness to decline. As public accountants, in the prime of tax season, it is difficult to always make it to the gym. Same with any other profession, you have your busy times and your “less” busy times. At Vrakas we believe it is is important to focus on your physical health and fitness even when we are really swamped.

Vrakas helps with health by providing meals and healthy snacks throughout tax season. We have a breakfast bar basket  as well as lunch meat to make sandwiches readily available to all of our employees. In addition, Vrakas also has catered in Saturday lunches. 

As for fitness, when there isn’t time to hit the gym, the latest trend is at-home fitness programs that are simple to follow and don’t require a lot of time or equipment. Depending on the results you’re looking for and the time you have to dedicate to a fitness program, you have several options from which to choose.

The following home fitness programs can help kick-start your motivation to get started:

1. Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

You might know Jillian Michaels from the popular TV show The Biggest Loser. She is considered to be a hardcore exercise machine in the fitness world and she has a fantastic at-home program for those who want to get in shape. The Jillian Michaels program is a 90-day program broken up into three phases and includes 15 different workouts. The program is a combination of low-impact exercises, resistance training, and high-intensity workouts to shape and tone muscles.

2. KettleWorx

This 8-week DVD program harnesses the power of the kettlebell in seven different workouts. The exercises include cardio, resistance, and core training to get you into shape. It is a head-to-toe system designed to help you lose weight and build muscle. KettleWorx also includes a nutrition guide to get you started on a diet that will improve your overall health as you progress through the program.

3. Zumba Fitness

If you like combining dance moves with fitness, Zumba Fitness is the perfect at-home program for you. Zumba is a fun way to lose weight by engaging in dance routines that double as fat-burning exercises. The seven different workouts in this system as well as an instructional guide will help you learn some of the dance moves that are used most often. The program does not have a specified length, but you can continue dancing along to the different routines daily, and if you need some variation, new DVDs with even more workouts are always available.

4. Daily Burn

Daily Burn is an online program that brings you 16 different workouts featuring various techniques and equipment. You can choose from resistance training, kettlebell exercises, and more. On your profile page, you can track your progress, such as weight loss or how many sit-ups or plank holds you did in a given time period. Daily Burn also suggests exercise videos you may like as well as recipes for healthy meals.

5. Grokker

Grokker is a completely free, online program that combines fitness videos and healthy cooking tips and recipes. Grokker has a diverse database of workout videos, including yoga, meditation, Pilates, and more. You can start your own workout calendar on the website and schedule exercise videos into your daily routine. When you’ve scheduled a video for a certain time, Grokker will e-mail you in advance to make sure you don’t forget. Users love Grokker because of all of the comprehensive cooking videos, too, such as easy meals, baking, and healthy eating.