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In 1995, Vrakas became a member of CPA Associates International (CPAAI), an international association of accountancy firms after recognizing that globalization was a growing part of the business world.

On January 1, 2020 Global accountancy network MGI Worldwide, headquartered in the UK, and association CPAAI with its headquarters in the US, announced they merged to create a new organization with 257 member firms around the world.

Both organizations have been active for more than 60 years in their markets and combined will offer clients access to almost 9,000 professionals in almost 100 countries.

The new group is co-chaired by Roger Isaacs, the Chairman of MGI Worldwide and Jim Holmes, the Chairman of CPAAI and Managing Shareholder of Vrakas CPAs + Advisors.

Through these many contacts, membership in CPAAI MGI Worldwide makes us part of one of the largest accounting resources in the world. Vrakas has the ability to draw on the valuable services of the Association, as well as the individual or combined talents and expertise of member firms to help you with any aspect of your operation.

Through our association, we have access to specialists in accounting and auditing, tax, SEC, fraud prevention and detection, and International Financial Reporting Standards. Our association with the CPAAI MGI Worldwide provides for all the capabilities of the largest accounting firms, without costly overhead.

*Disclamer: CPA Associates International, also known as CPAAI, is a leading international association of independent accounting, legal and consulting firms that are licensed to use “a member of CPAAI” in connection with the provision of professional services to their clients. CPAAI and CPA Associates International are the brand names referring to the group of members of MGI-CPAAI, a company limited by guarantee and registered in the Isle of Man with registration number 013238V, who choose not to associate as a network under IFAC (IESBA) and EU rules. Members of CPAAI are not members of the MGI Worldwide network, may not use any MGI or MGI Worldwide brands and are not subject to MGI Worldwide quality assurance review. CPAAI itself is a non-practising entity and does not provide professional services to clients. Services are provided by the member firms of CPAAI. CPAAI and its member firms are not agents of, and do not obligate, one another and are not liable for one another’s acts or omissions.

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